High Tech Textile New Materials

Tecnature® Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd. is a self-developed brand of Chengda International, with a textile history of over 50 years. Mainly developing high-tech textile new materials, deepening core research and development, continuously exploring new businesses, using nature and technology as our DNA, launching hundreds of multifunctional textiles, balancing environmental protection, technological sense, and practical applications. We lead the industry with technological fabrics, win consumer reputation with natural fabrics, adhere to craftsmanship on the path of innovation and sustainability, and empower customers.

Tecnature® Six Major Series


Heat-shielding Series

The fibers of the heat-shielding fabric contain natural mineral elements, which can effectively reflect ultraviolet rays and greatly reduce the temperature. Combined with the hollow structure of the fabric, it cools down while ventilating and perspiration. Yarn function, can be washed repeatedly, durable, natural and harmless. The body temperature can drop by 3-10 degrees.

One-way moisture Series

Water-proved and water-absorbent materials intertwined by polypropylene and ethylene fiber. The Water-proved material keeps you dry and comfortable; the water-absorbent material can quickly conduct sweat to the outer layer and quickly evaporate the water.  Polypropylene/ethylene fiber has its own cooling effect, which keeps dry and comfortable.



Antibacterial Series

Antibacterial herbal thread: Adding natural materials into thread to enhance antibacterial and cooling or heating functions.

Heat Series

Light absorption: nano-scale light-absorbing heat powder to the fiber can effectively absorb sunlight and visible light and infrared rays in the surrounding environment and convert them into heat energy to increase the body temperature.

Moisture-absorbing and heating: Special hygroscopic and heating fibers can absorb moisture from the human body and the atmosphere, and release it into heat energy through gas-liquid conversion.

Reflective heating: A special reflective heating functional coating is printed on the surface of the fabric, which can reflect the far-infrared light waves emitted by the human body and generate heat energy.



Anti-ultraviolet Series

Through the special fabric structure and materials, the fabric can reflect and absorb ultraviolet rays, and use safe physical methods to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to human skin.

Eco Series

Utilize bio-based natural materials as raw material sources, such as corn, coffee, bamboo, etc, or use recycled materials as raw materials, crush the recyclable materials, and then process them into environmentally friendly fabrics after spinning.

Zero dyeing series abandons the traditional dyeing process and uses masterbatch to produce fibers, which greatly reduces the water consumption of traditional dyeing.

The light dyeing series omits the polyester high-temperature dyeing process, reduces environmental pollution, water pollution and carbon emissions during the dyeing stage.



Thermoregulated Polymer Materials

Thaermo® is thermal insulation material, jointly developed by Chengda and Dalian Polytechnic University, has obtained a national invention patent. Thaermo is made of aerogel, which has low thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation, excellent heat preservation and temperature regulation.

Thaermo® made by lower density material which performs an excellence heat preservation and insulation effect. Phase change is the key function of adjusting heat by temperature changes.

Product Structure

Phase Change Materials

Phase change materials, also known as insulation and temperature control materials, are materials that can repeatedly absorb and release heat. Due to its characteristic of absorbing heat when hot and releasing heat when cold, this material is not only well-known as a fiber in clothing, but also widely used in building materials and automotive materials.

The principle of using phase change materials to achieve insulation and temperature regulation is to use the phase change of PEG to achieve heat absorption and release. The comfortable temperature regulation of clothes can also control the surface temperature of the body’s skin. So, phase change materials can bring you a comfortable body temperature.

Aerogel Material

Aerogel material has nano scale porous structure. As the lightest solid material known to mankind, it is widely known for its low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation. Temperature regulated aerogel is a kind of material that can adjust the temperature by absorbing or releasing heat according to the phase change of repeated dissolution and curing at ambient temperature.

Our developed Thaermo®, On the basis of thermal insulation and heat preservation of aerogels, aerogels with temperature regulation are developed. And, Thaermo® It is also using temperature regulating aerogel to develop clothing materials with heat insulation, heat preservation, temperature regulation and lightweight characteristics.

Product Characteristic

Our insulation materials have excellent insulation performance, effectively isolating external temperature changes and ensuring good warmth even under extreme weather conditions.

Super Strong Insulation

The product design takes into account the comfort needs of the human body and has good temperature regulation characteristics. Whether in cold winter or hot summer, our insulation materials can provide users with a pleasant temperature environment, ensuring a comfortable feeling.

Comfortable Temperature Control

Through advanced thermal insulation technology, our insulation materials can effectively absorb and store heat, isolate external high or low temperatures, make indoor temperatures more stable, and improve energy utilization efficiency.

Heat Storage And Insulation

Through advanced thermal insulation technology, our insulation materials can effectively absorb and store heat, isolate external high or low temperatures, make indoor temperatures more stable, and improve energy utilization efficiency.

Stable And Durable

Performance Experiment

Heat Preservation Rate

80g Thaermo® 72.5 %
80g Spray-bonded Nonwovens 67.3 %


80g Thaermo® 1.62
80g Spray-bonded Nonwovens 1.26

Thermal Insulation

80g Thaermo® 7.1
80g Spray-bonded Nonwovens 3.3


With the rapid development of the socio-economic landscape and the growing awareness of environmental conservation, green industries have gradually become a focal point of consumer attention. Actively exploring and innovatively practicing to establish a comprehensive sustainable development framework is becoming the current focus and foundation of development in the textile industry.

Tecnature® and Thaermo®, products of Da International in line with the direction of contemporary development, are proprietary brands established based on a holistic guiding principle, emphasizing natural and eco-friendly functional textile products.


Cooperated with universities to develop cutting-edged materials and  conducted the whole process of research and development with factories to materialize, we are pursuing the most popular materials in practical way.

Collaboration with universities

Collaborated with institutes to develop cutting-edge textile materials and high-tech products.


Effective production in domestic and foreign factories.

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